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The Team behind Freddy Green has always had a big passion for great coffee. 

With over 12 years of experience in the coffee industry, you can rest assured that you’ll get a cup of coffee perfectly tailored to your needs.

We define good coffee as coffee produced in good spirits, as green and sustainable as possible, and above all, with an excellent taste tailored to your preferences.

Therefore, we offer several different types of coffee, and whether it’s filter coffee, flat white, or just a double espresso, we promise that it’s made with love, care, and passion, and we strive to make it just the way you like it.

For the late coffee drinker, the caffeine-avoider, or simply those who are dependent on the taste, we also serve decaf as one of the few in Aalborg!

We believe that good coffee

is a necessity in everyday life...

…and that luxury is something we want to offer to everyone.
We believe that there are

3 majore factors

when it comes to a good cup of coffee…


We’re probably a bit of gear freaks when it comes to equipment, so we’ve gone out and brought in one of the best machines on the market, namely a Faema President GTI. Faema is one of the biggest brands globally when it comes to espresso machines, and we’ve simply had delivered their best espresso machine.

That also results in us being able to ensure high quality, no matter who is making your coffee!


We’re also a bit passionate about education and geekery. That’s why we’ve sent our head barista, Mikkel, to a certified barista course in Barcelona. There, Mikkel learned all about the fascinating world of coffee and also received professional guidance from instructors who have participated in numerous world coffee championships.

Mikkel is responsible for the thorough training of all baristas at Freddy Green, selecting coffee, programming the machine, and everything related to coffee.


Choosing beans is a vast world to delve into. However, we’ve tried to keep it simple and manageable while still covering as much ground as possible: Two different types of espresso (one light and one very dark), one decaf espresso, and one filter coffee, which we rotate every month.

So, there’s something for you, whether you prefer the light fruity blend or the dark intense flavor.

Freddy’s Coffee

Freddy’s dark slap in the face (Espresso)

This dark roast is a well-known and beloved player from the former We Feat. It offers a powerful and intense, yet sweet flavor, leaving a delightful aftertaste of chocolate, cedarwood, and sweet tobacco.

The coffee is a blend of organic beans from Honduras and one of the finest Robustas from India, also containing extra caffeine and antioxidants. If you typically use sugar in your coffee, we would recommend giving this one a taste before adding sugar – 5 out of 10 people skip the sugar in this excellent coffee.

This coffee has won many hearts and is a sure winner no matter the time or place.

The light roast - Freddy’s Hipster coffee (Espresso)

This light roast comes from the high altitudes of Kenya. As some coffee enthusiasts may know, Kenya is the pinnacle when it comes to coffee production. A good blend of rich volcanic soil, stable temperatures, and plenty of water makes the coffee truly unique. A delightful light coffee with refreshing notes of citrus and berries. A modern and popular coffee that will make you crave just one more cup.


Filter coffee is a world of its own – a world we love to explore together with our regulars. That’s why we offer a new filter coffee every month, so there will always be something new and exciting for you, who simply want a really good cup of filter coffee without too much fuss.

Coffee of the month:


Our filter coffee is from the country that exports the most coffee in the world, namely Brazil. This roast is a medium roast, offering a pleasant sweetness, silky smooth body with notes of nuts, milk chocolate, and a hint of ripe berries. The coffee is a pulped natural washed, and the botanical varieties include Yellow and Red Bourbon, Yellow Catuai, Mundo Novo, Acaia, and Red Catuai.

But first… Coffee!